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“As soon as you allow where you are
to be all right, you will be able to
where you want to be much faster.” 

— Bashar 

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[Classic post from 10-18-15]

Have you ever been unhappy in a situation or circumstance, and then, knowing that you don’t want to be unhappy, made a decision to act to move away from that place to hopefully find a better one, only to find that what seemed to be better was only a mirage?

What I was taught as a sales manager in the auto business was that people need to be unhappy with what they’ve got in order to have the motivation to have what is out there for them. I found that to be generally false.

Unhappiness is a symptom of being out of alignment with our inner being or our inner knowing, and acting from a place of misalignment will bring more misalignment. If we really do want to have a positive change, the first thing to do is as Bashar said: “Allow where you are to be all right.”

Berating ourselves for where we are, especially when it doesn’t feel good to be there, only aids in keeping us there. Whatever we focus on rules. The first step is acceptance, not denial.

As a sales manager hiring and working with many, and always on the hunt for the superstar salesperson, I had to learn to accept people for where they were and have that be okay, to begin with. We are all unique and each travels the path at a different speed. I learned that I could not have them move faster on the path by demand. If they were to move faster and become better, it would only be from something inside of them, and the only method that I found that worked to aid in that transition is encouragement and love.

It’s the same with ourselves. Wherever we are, we need to accept that and be okay with it, while also accepting and appreciating that we would prefer something more to our liking. In this way, we encourage ourselves to become that person while accepting and loving the person we are right now.

Bashar adds: “When you are always where you want to be, you are living in the now. If you let wherever you are, be where you want to be, you will live in the moment. And then everything will be able to find you. There is no other time that exists except now. If you are living in the past, living in the future, then nothing you need to work with can find you. . . because in the present you are not at home.” 

Trust What You Prefer, While Accepting And Appreciating Where You Are. 

Spread Some Joy Today–A little bit of joy goes a long, long way.

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