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“Is thankfulness a survival skill?

Most of us have probably already

solved the necessary problems of survival.

But, let me give you this key phrase,

“Learn to be thankful for what you already have,

while you pursue all that you want.”

I believe one of the greatest and perhaps

one of the simplest lessons in life

we can learn is to be thankful for what

we have already received and accomplished.”

— Jim Rohn

This is a powerful lesson that took me the majority of my life to agree with and participate in. Wanting, I understood. Grateful when things went well? It’s a no-brainer. The rest was so much more of a challenge.

I’ve adopted Jim Rohn’s philosophy about thankfulness so much that I can look back and not want to change anything because everything was perfect and I accept it all with gratitude as if it were the best creation I could have imagined.

Instead of looking back with any kind of regret, or wishing anything were different, the power is allowing all of it to be as it was with gratitude for being allowed to experience it. At the same time, if I decide to do things differently now, which I’ve done many times, I make the new choice and focus on it, celebrating it as what is now without any real reference from the past or what was.

I don’t want to go back. I bless what was and live now. I find myself almost obsequious in my thankfulness as it is happening. I am vocal about it. I am grateful. It’s interesting that a lot of people aren’t used to hearing it, but it is absolutely real regardless. And, I find my gratitude is increasing the more I get hold of this simple idea of being thankful for what I have now, what I have had, and where I have found myself consciously or unconsciously.

It Is Pure Joy.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do that. See what happens to you. It won’t necessarily change anyone else, but it will change you.

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