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“When we say something
is too vast to be explained,
it is never too vast to be known.”
— Paul Selig,
The Book of Truth

[Classic post from 10-25-17]

I thought that the statement above was so interesting. It says so much.

I think every writer knows that regardless of their prowess as a wordsmith, that there is so much that can be expressed in language and then there are things that cannot be expressed in any other way than in knowing, allowing, being.

To put this quote into some context of the source I gleaned it from. They were talking about love, and not the kinds of love that we think of usually when we think of love, but the love that is the essence of our being.

“You are love already. You all are. It is the truth of your nature as being of God. You don’t learn love, you learn behavior. You allow love to be as you, and in the agreement to be as it, it is as you in all ways.”

I italicized the part of this quote that grabbed my attention. We allow it. We know it. It is us. We are it. It is all. It is as God. That is how powerful love is.

To continue just a bit more: “The depth of love that is you cannot be articulated because it is so true, in such truth, that nothing else exists at that level of vibration.”

My italics and underline again. Nothing else exists at this level of vibration.

This gives new meaning to the 1 John 4:8 Bible quote, “God is love.”

To add just a pinch more truth to this quote, let me find joy in 1 John 4:16b: “God is love; whoever abides in love abides in God, and God in him.”

To bring this to a practical and delightful conclusion, we cannot help loving. We are love as we are an aspect of God, but the agreement was that we could learn behaviors at will. Some of those work very well and bring joy, and others not so much, but no matter what we choose as a behavior for the limited time in this body, there is no forsaking the truth that we are love.

And, The Best News Of All Is That We May Choose To Allow Love To Be Expressed As Us At Will. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making the choice to allow the love that you are to be expressed throughout your day in every interaction.

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