Daily Inspiration 2-8-13

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“It is through contrast

that clarity is enhanced.”

— Albert K Strong

It is early February and I love where I live. I can drive ten minutes or less in any direction and be in the countryside. It is so refreshing to see wide open spaces while having the conveniences of the city.

We were on a ride a few days ago ‘over the hill’ the back way into Napa valley. It is always such a beautiful drive and the scenery is second to none. We never tire of that drive, and part of the reason is that the scenery is always changing and each time it looks a little different. It was on this last drive that I had a sort of epiphany.

Buds are just about to pop out on some trees, the grass is very short, but has turned green again, and all of a sudden I noticed that the contrast of the green and other colors of the bushes, trees, fence posts, and more was adding so much clarity that I could see things that I did not normally see. I could also see detail further away. I was amazed that everywhere I looked it was as if I were seeing it for the first time.

Then it came to me that it was the contrast and nothing else that was showing me that clarity, for without the contrast, the colors are all so similar that they blend together. That led me to think about how much life in general is that way. It is with the value of the contrast that we are awakened to a new clarity. It may be a new way of seeing a subject as if I were seeing it for the first time. It may be the sudden clarity of being able to make a decision and feel good about it. It may be just a bookmark in life noted as an “ah-ha” moment; a learning plateau; a personal delight.

How very interesting to continue seeing and learning new things–even in what may easily be considered commonplace situations. Without contrast, they would indeed be commonplace.

I Find Joy Every Single Day!

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