Daily Inspiration 2-8-12

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“You have to sow before you can reap.
You have to give before you can get.”
— Robert Collier
Many people are enamored with the idea of being an entrepreneur. They like the idea of it especially as it might be compared to an explorer, a scout, an adventurer. They might even spend time studying some of the more famous of those that are called entrepreneurs. It’s exciting to think about.
Probably most of those people would be shocked to know that those famous entrepreneurs and all those who never became famous have one thing in common. It is that they understood the idea of giving before receiving, or sowing before reaping.
That’s the part that isn’t so glamorous and there are so many things that the entrepreneur will do that many would consider a stupid amount of work for very little or even zero pay–indeed, sometimes even paying out of pocket for the privilege of getting to work toward their dreams.
It is interesting to see clearly those who do not understand because they say things like, ‘how much will I be getting?’ and such. They are looking for the getting before the giving and the reaping before considering sowing.
Sometimes a better question to ask people who express interest in a thing is this that I borrowed from Wayne Dyer recently: “What are you not willing to do to have this that you want?” That answer is telling.
For Entrepreneurs, Giving May Seem Disproportionate From Receiving, But It Is Only An Illusion.
Spread Some Joy Today–Give your love out today with no concern whatsoever as to what you may or may not get in return. You will find the giving is actually far superior to receiving.
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