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“Love is not a feeling.
Love is frequency.
The feeling of love 
that you might think is a feeling
is actually the expression 
of love through you.”
— Paul Selig,
The Book of Love and Creation

[Classic post from 10-1-17]

I’ve heard and read and thought about so many ways to define love, to understand what that thing called love is for me, for us. And, I have found one that is pretty interesting and which rings true for me from The Book of Love and Creation, A Channeled Text by Paul Selig. I stated yesterday how powerful this book has been for me. It is one in a series of books, five of which have been published so far, with a sixth due out next year. This was the second of the series. I highly recommend them if you’re ready.

Back to the definition, or rather, explanation of love from page 39 of the text:

“When you are experiencing love, the frequency of love is you. . . Love overrides feelings because it is an expression, an active expression of the divine operating as and through you. So as you align to the frequency of love, you call to you love.”

People have used all manner of phrases to express this alignment. Some say, “coming into resonance,” or a “feeling way beyond feeling,” or “rising to a higher level,” or “coming into tune, becoming attuned,” or “in alignment with All-That-Is,” and many more. As I think about that which we call the feeling of love, I sense that it is this connection that goes way beyond feeling. It seems to me more of a knowing, a knowing of a connection that is deep within me.

The text continues to enlighten:

“When you become love, you forget who you were without love. This is important. You forget who you were in fear.” 

Wow. Forgetting who I was in fear. Forgetting who I was without love. These words helped me understand how love is a deep connection and not a feeling.

There’s more:

“And, consequently, when you are love, you are not fear. And when you are in the frequency of love you don’t remember the frequency of fear because it cannot align, it cannot exist in this way. You have transformed. You have become love. And in love, there is only love, and all that is called to it co-resonates with love or is seeking to be in resonance with love. That is why you call to you those who need what you have. And you will frequency-wise support them in their transformation, either through choice or through unconscious frequency exchange. Both are fine.”

Love Is A Direct Connection To The Divine. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by thinking of those people and situations that you love. As you are loving them again, you are reconnected to your Source that quickly. As we are aligned to love, we are Love, and since God is Love, we are one in that alignment.

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