Daily Inspiration 2-7-17

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“While we may seek the grace of God, 
our more pressing need 
is to extend grace 
to ourselves and each other.” 

— Alan Cohen 

What a thought provoking quote. As I was thinking about this statement, a couple things came to mind. First, I imagined the grace of God as such a delicious thing and how so many of us want the favor of that, and we may often see that as coming from outside of us and to us.

Second was the idea of extending this grace to ourselves and each other and how even in seeking God’s grace, we may be feeling unworthy, not allowing it to touch us in the most nourishing way, and then not considering how the sharing of that with others rather than being a pressing need could be the most natural thing to do.

If I thought of grace as less mystical, I might see it as unconditional love, which I believe it is, and then thought of God not being so mystical and thinking of that rather than as a spiritual entity, that it is more like All-That-Is, all of life we see and do not see, then it is easier to allow this grace to be part of me as I am part of All-That-Is.

But, the thing that came to me most powerfully this morning was the idea of thinking of this grace as not a thing, or even a feeling, or a gift. I thought of it as a river flowing. As this river is flowing, I may partake of it anytime I decide that I want to. As I am feeling the flow of this river of grace, it is flowing in and out of me and back into the river for all others who choose to, may flow with and in it as well.

Abraham, Esther Hicks has said many times and in many ways that Well-Being is a constantly flowing river and we either allow it to flow through us or we disallow it, as there is no Source of other than Well-Being. This seems to me to be a perfect match to grace, unconditional love, the grace of God, All-That-Is.

As we seek the grace of God, we might realize that it has always been given, that it has always been there within us, and as simply as we turn our focus to see, touch, and feel it flowing through us, we are flowing the grace of God, and as we do not attempt to block the flow, we cannot help but pass it on still fully flowing to all others.

This Gives The Old Adage Of Going With The Flow A Whole New Perspective. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to be a conduit through which All-That-Is flows. That is pure joy in action.

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