Daily Inspiration 2-7-13

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“Only the brave know how to forgive;

it is the most refined and generous pitch

of virtue human nature can arrive at.”

— Laurence Stern

Sometimes I put up quotes that I don’t agree with just for fun and a different perspective. This is another of those. Only the brave know how to forgive? Please. . . It’s purely the ego that is holding on and there is always a payoff in holding on. The rest of the story is just made up justification and ego bs.

To forgive isn’t nearly that magnanimous. It is more a release than anything else. Think of it as if you’re playing tug-rope. There’s you and the rope in your hands and you’re resisting or pulling against this thing that bothers you; this person that somehow damaged you; and all the stories that are ever-changing all the while. Sometimes you’re pulling hard and sometimes you’re getting yanked a bit and you struggle to pull harder to try to win. It’s impossible to win this game. It can’t be done.

There are two possibilities. One, you carry this burden with you, or two, you let go of the rope and walk away. It is always that simple and it is always purely a choice and you are always the chooser. Pick up the rope and battle the demon, or let the rope go and walk away. Which will it be?

There is no bravery required. It only requires letting go and that only comes from a decision to love yourself, and love the other(s). Love is the only power you need and it is always within you and in your power to use and express at any point in time. The lack of forgiving, or carrying the burden of persecution, feeling victimized and such is all about a lack of love and mainly it is a lack of loving yourself because carrying that burden is far heavier on yourself than on any other party. Let go of the rope. Just drop it on the ground. Turn and walk away. Leave it be and let it be and return to your natural state of love.

Peace Is Release; It Is Ease. Forgiveness Is Release; It is Ease. Love Is All Really There Is. The Rest Is Stories.

Spread Some Joy Today–Whatever grudge or victimization, or distress you are holding on to. Today is a great time to let it go. Just think of all the free time you’ll have.

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