Daily Inspiration 2-7-12

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“There is no limit to the power of loving.”
— John Morton
We all have so much more power than we think we do. Each and every one of us has the power to erase the idea and practice of war and any list of harm to other human beings. We are not powerless, but powerful. There is not now nor has ever been a dictator or evil leader who had the power on their own to cause war or any large scale harm. It requires a team, and usually a very, very large team.
The power is always within each individual of choice to love or not to love; to be loving or not to be loving. And, as we understand this infinite power we have available, there is virtually nothing that could compare.
Think about who makes the bombs, bullets, ships and planes. It isn’t the army, navy or marines.
Now, bring this bold idea down to the much smaller world of our working lives. What do we do to earn money? Do we do things that we would not normally choose to do in order to make a dollar? Do we allow our bosses, our supervisors to guide us in ways that doesn’t match our own values for the sake of keeping our jobs? We each have a choice each and every day how we will respond to calls made upon us, and it is this choice that determines war and peace. We also have the power of those choices moment to moment.
There is no limit to the power of loving as long as we choose it, nor a limit to how often we can choose it over another idea that may nor serve us.
There Is Love. . . And The Absence Of Love.
Spread Some Joy Today–Choose love. There are infinite ways and means available.
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