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“People will try to tell you
that all the great opportunities
have been snapped up. 
In reality, 
the world changes every second, 
blowing new opportunities in all directions, 
including yours.” 
— Ken Hakuta 

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[Classic post from 9-22-15]

A few days ago, I watched a great TEDx video by Scott Dinsmore titled, How To Find and Do Work You Love. It is well worth watching in my opinion because he did and now he runs a business teaching the world how to do the same.

The main reason I mention it is because a lot of people don’t think that it is possible. Even well-meaning parents and friends will sometimes say, “you can’t make a living at that! Just take the job that’s available and stop dreaming.” However well-meaning they may be, and I’m sure they think they are, they are also blinded by their own prejudices and beliefs.

It is possible. People are doing it every second of every day. The only thing stopping any of us from doing the same would be our own prejudices, beliefs and taking the advice of people who are not doing it themselves.

Consider this wonderful statement from Bashar: “For everyone who wishes to be on a particular stage, there is always an audience to appreciate what you have to say.” I’ll come back to him in a moment. . .

Last night I re-watched an old movie, EDtv. It wasn’t just to see and delight in Jenna Elfman again (okay, maybe it was), but it’s just goofy fun and also a nice love story. In one scene, Woody Harrelson is talking about his sister and her live-in boyfriend and that he is a lounge singer and he is really bad at it. In fact, he went on about it until no one was laughing anymore. It was pure cruelty. He was trying to be funny and trying to be a taller building by tearing the other down. Now, reread the previous paragraph. There is an audience for everyone. Woody was not one of them, but there are people who would love to listen.

Let me share a bit more from Bashar about following your excitement:

“Follow your excitement! Get out into the world, doing what you most love doing, and know that the world will shape itself to what you need. It will do so for everyone, and there is no conflict in it. No one loses because you are winning! You all win because there is enough for everyone. 

Be bold, for no one will turn you away. There is always an appropriate audience for everything you truly need to say, and you will find that audience. For everyone who wishes to be on a particular stage, there is always an audience to appreciate what you have to say–once again because everything fits. Everything belongs; and there is never!!–never-never-never-never!!–an actor who is born without an audience being born at the same time for that actor. 

NEVER!! It all works perfectly!! Flawlessly!! Believe it; act like you believe it, and you’ll see the results–guaranteed. 

Do!…. Think is wonderful. Believe is wonderful. Feel is wonderful. However, doing is what creates the reality you wish to experience.” 

All The Possibilities Exist For Whatever You Would Love To Do.

Spread Some Joy Today–by simply considering the possibility that you are a magnificent person and that you have an abundance of joy to share with others.

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