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“You are not getting in there to fix anything.
And to be honest with you,
it is not your job to fix anything.”
— Paul Selig,
The Book of Love and Creation

[Classic post from 9-29-17]

The book that the quote above came from is easily one of the most powerful and enlightening books I’ve ever read in my entire life so far. The quote is fascinating to me, but I need to add the remainder of the paragraph this was gleaned from to help me in the reason for today’s post.

To continue from the quote above: “We have spoken about fixing earlier, and fixing and transforming are two very different things. To bring an organ back into its perfect state of functioning is not necessarily fixing it. It has been damaged, and putting a patch on something that is damaged may make it work a little longer, but that is not the same as transforming and healing, which is bringing the higher frequency to do the work consciously to realign the energy field in the way that is required.”

This paragraph speaks volumes, and I would like to point out some the wisdom and insight that it spoke to me. First, we often think that we can fix things with our actions. Abraham, Esther Hicks talks about that all the time in that it is not our actions that create, it is our vibration or a simpler way to say that is our thought, and a truer way to say it is via our alignment with our Source. Once the alignment takes place, the action is perfected, and as we are out of alignment, it is patching at best.

Do we really want to fix it, whatever it may be, anyway? Probably not. What we really want is to transform it, heal it, realign it, if you will. War is an attempt to fix, but it is completely out of alignment, so at best it can have a very limited effect in repair, and yet a major effect in damage.

Another insight is in the last sentence. It is not our effort, action, doing that does the work, it is our higher frequency, which is the same as being in alignment because that is how we attain a higher frequency. It is in the lower frequency that our problems exist, and it is there that we try to fix them. We have tried for thousands of years to do that with no healing, only patching. It is not our action that heals, it is our alignment or our higher vibration.

From our higher frequency, we see everything differently, our actions move toward healing and transformation, not fixing. In the beginning, he said, “And, to be honest with you, it is not your job to fix anything.” That is why we mess it up all the time as we think it is our job to fix it, or that our actions will fix it. At best they are patches. Healing takes place from a higher viewpoint, and always, always, always, in alignment.

Want to heal a marriage? Come into alignment first. We are all aspects of the Divine, and as aspects of the Divine, we knowingly align to that, as we think we can fix things, we fail to heal whether it is a marriage, a customer interaction, interactions with neighbors or neighboring countries, it is all the same. As we align to who we really are, the power to heal comes through.

There Is No Effort Or Work Necessary In Alignment. It Is The Alignment That Does The Work. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you align, align, align throughout your day. Then look back at your day and see how smoothly it ran without any real effort. It’s amazing how that works!

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