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“It’s not that what they expect 
is the reality that everyone lives, 
but that everyone lives 
the reality of what they expect.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

What is the real value of education? To me, it is to open my mind to different expectations, with the highest educational value being to release all expectations that do not serve.

Have you ever thought something like this? ‘If I had it to do all over again, I would do things differently.’ The expectation is, of course, that things will turn out better, or more to our liking. Yet, I think that the real value of going back would be if we could bring our current level of education (often called experience) with us. If that were the case, whatever choices being made would have to be different based on that alone.

Yet, the real value of education is not going back, but to experience our now more fully. This will allow us to change our perception of the past from pain to stepping stones, and into a delightful unfolding.

Consider this from Abraham, Esther Hicks: “Your eyes, your ears . . . even your nose, tongue, and fingertips are translating vibrations . . . but your most sophisticated of vibrational interpreters by far are your emotions. By paying attention to the signals of your emotions, you can understand, with absolute precision, everything you are now living or have ever lived.” 

With this knowledge firmly implanted in me today in my now, I can look back on things from that past and see so clearly how I was getting what I was getting based on my thoughts and feelings. I also see in my now correlations all around me of where I was many years ago.

I remember being a sales manager at Woodard Chevrolet in Fairfield CA in the mid-1980’s. I loved what I was doing, but disliked the general manager directly above me. There were days when he was pleasant and I even learned things from him, and other times he was torture to be around.

Knowing what I now understand, I can see how I created that distress inside myself by myself. I now see that he was doing what he knew how to do, with his expectations, and his level of learning, with all of his accumulated experiences. Now I love him for all that he was, but then I was not into unconditional love. My love then was very conditional. As he was nice, I loved him, as he was an ogre, I hated him. I know now that my feelings were created by my own thoughts and based on those negative feelings, I was out of alignment with my higher knowing.

At the same time, I can now see all the stepping stones I walked on to get here in my now understanding of what I got then and why. This is unbelievably helpful in seeing who and what I am now, and to find such joy, not only in the freshly-viewed journeys of my life but the moments that I enjoy right here and now.

The Value Of True Education Is Expanded Understanding. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving yourself in all of your travels. Then, love everyone else who traveled with you to here.

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