Daily Inspiration 2-6-16

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“If you feel overwhelmed by responsibility, 
you have assumed more 
than what truly belongs to you." 
— Alan Cohen 

Overwhelmed by responsibility? Have you ever felt that before? Don’t you just love this quote by Alan Cohen then? Time to let go of some of that responsibility and allow someone else to carry it. There’s plenty to go around, and there’s no need to take more than our own share.

Responsibility is a good thing as long as we don’t feel that we need to be responsible for too much. Good question: Of the things, I feel responsible for, what can I let go of or pass to someone else? Another great question: Do I really need to be responsible for this thing or situation, or can I just be interested in it and be an observer instead?

I think sometimes we want to control things more than things need to be controlled. Another great question: What would happen if I didn’t try to control this? What would happen if I just let go of it? Do I really need this stress?

Responsibility Is A Choice, So We Get To Choose What And How Much. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of the excess baggage we all tend to gather on our journey. Freedom is release and release is joy.

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