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“One looks back with appreciation
to the brilliant teachers,

but with gratitude to those

who touched our human feelings.

The curriculum is so much

necessary raw material,

but warmth is the vital element

for the growing plant

and for the soul of the child.”

— Carl Jung

I stand ever-grateful for a handful of special teachers in all of the many schools I attended over the years. They were the ones who made a big difference in my desire to learn. They are often the unsung heroes of youth.

I’ve been to a huge number of training classes, seminars and the like where, so often, it is facilitators doing the training. Maybe they have never even done the work, but were good enough at presenting material that they qualified for the task required of them. And, just like the training classes and seminars after school was over, most of the teachers in school were facilitators devoid of passion for what they were doing.

Oh, they were qualified and certified and licensed and approved, but that means absolutely nothing to a child eager to learn, or even an adult looking for some guidance. What we all want I think is the passion of conviction and barring that, at the very least a passion for the subject matter and for the task of teaching.

It’s interesting that in all that I have done, it is the passion for teaching, for simplifying and creating a new understanding from varied perspectives that feels so right to me and influences all I do in one way or another. I think it is the influence of those handful of teachers (including my grandmother) when I was young. I owe them all for their special touch and in their encouragement to find learning fun.

Thank You To The Passionate Teachers. You Touched Me For Life.

Spread Some Joy Today–What can you do to thank someone in a special way today?

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