Daily Inspiration 2-6-12

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“Life is the sum of all your choices.”
— Albert Camus
The other day I was thinking how people think about mistakes. Many think they are bad, a very few think they are good. I think they don’t exist. I don’t make mistakes. I make decisions.
In this I endeavor to make choices of thought and/or action; however, even in my procrastination of decision, a decision is yet made and a result is yet earned. I cannot avoid it, and only potentially prolong it–maybe. Nonetheless, the outcome is the outcome and if I go around measuring each decision and/or result as to the rightness or leftness, I am not served.
A better question to ask is ‘what did I learn from this?’ To answer this question matters not whether is is good or bad or indifferent. Instead, I made a decision, I earned a result and what did I learn from that? Perhaps I will make a change of decision next time–or at least, we might like to think so.
Another tool is to remember that everything is temporary. When I was much younger, I thought that there were many things that were permanent. Greater wisdom teaches us otherwise, and it is helpful to remember.
So, I recommend to let go of judgement of right and wrong, mistake or success, and think instead of stimulus and response. We learn more in this way.
Next Time You See Someone Counting Their Mistakes, Ask Them, “How’s That Working For Ya?”
Spread Some Joy Today–Trust your emotions. If it feel good, it is. If it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t. Sure helps making decisions then, doesn’t it?
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