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“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

— Michael Jordan

“Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours.”

— Richard Bach

Yes, but. . .

I read something some time ago which stated that “yes, but. . .” is problematic because the word ‘but’ diminishes the sentence before it. Their advice was to use the word, ‘and’ instead. I’m working on it; succeeding much of the time, but some habits are hard to break. Oops. . . correction, And, some habits are hard to break. That’s better. I rather like the idea and agree with the concept of it, and I think it is most helpful to begin at once to utilize its creative powers.

When we use the word ‘but,’ we are generally arguing for our limitations I think. Oh, you’ve heard it from your friends, spouse, and family when you’ve asked them something and they give you the ‘but’ part. And you know full well, they are not even considering it, and are arguing for their self-imposed limitations. Of course, when one argues for their limitations, there is no argument as Richard Bach states. I hear people argue for them a great deal. It kills potential by smothering it in sameness and familiarity.

I just love Michael Jordan’s very simple, yet powerful statement: “You have to expect things of yourself. . .” I think it even deserves a little shouting! YOU HAVE TO EXPECT THINGS OF YOURSELF! That’s better. I say, Amen! to that. Underlying the expectation is the belief that it can be done–belief in the possibility or possibilities, AND after the philosophical connection, there comes a need and a desire to move into action, and this is the expectation. You say, ‘I believe it is possible, and I am moving toward it.’

So. . . that is a ‘yes, and. . .’ moment. It is so different from a ‘yes, but. . .’ moment. Don’t you agree? There is a very powerful difference. There is such power in the ‘yes, and’ statement. Yes, I believe, and yes, I expect. Rather than, Yes, I want to believe, but no, I don’t really think I do.

So, are you a ‘yes, but’ person, or a ‘yes, and’ person?

We can stop arguing for our limitations any time we choose, and there’s no buts about it. Go for it. Argue for your success, for your abundance.

All Of My So-Called Limitations Are Figments Of My Imagination. I Am Limited Only By My Own Thinking.

Spread Some Joy Today–Tomorrow, get out of bed on the opposite side as normal. Hum a song at work. Walk backward down the hallway. Eat with your fork in the opposite hand. Do some things differently today. Just for the fun of it!

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