Daily Inspiration 2-5-13

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“Most people spend more time

and energy going around problems

than in trying to solve them.”

— Henry Ford

I’m a little too young to have had the opportunity to meet or get to know Henry Ford, but I sure would have loved to. He was never one to dilly dally around. He was a get it done now kind of guy from everything I’ve seen. And, the quote above is true with many of us I’m sure. Well, I don’t know really about anyone else, but I know it is true with me.

I have taken procrastination to a fine art and make use of such things as mulling it over, considering the options, why me and all sorts of tactics to keep the solution at bay. Of course, if it is someone else’s problem, I’m Johnny on the spot with a host of solutions, expounding on my personal favorites and doing a good selling job too. But, for myself, well. . . I want to be sure I’m doing the right thing. . . that is, whenever I actually get around to doing a thing. Most of the time, I’m so busy thinking a thing that there isn’t much time or energy left for actual doing.

Yet, I also know that after I drop the numerous colloquial expressions, and decide to get on with it (just one more. . .), then I seem to always find that the solution was so much easier and faster than I would have thought

I Guess It Is A Matter Of What I’m Focusing On . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Laughter is the best medicine. You’re sick today and you need a bunch of it. Come on, get happy!

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