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“Love is in everything.”
— Paul Selig,
The Book of Love and Creation

[Classic post from 10-22-17]

What does it mean to be enlightened? What does it mean to raise our vibration? What does it mean to rise above? What does it mean to see through the eyes of love or the eyes of Christ?

How do we live in this world of duality and yet see oneness? How do we change from thousands of years of collective history to make different choices?

I’ve been giving these kinds of questions and many like them a lot of thought of late and I now think I’ve been able to answer them to my own satisfaction and share those thoughts with others.

When I think of raising my vibration or rising above, I think about seeing things from a distance–enough distance to see a larger picture of what I was looking at up close. Now I cannot see the problems, I can only see possibilities. It reminds me of standing on a peak looking off into the ocean or crossing the summit and seeing the vast valley below, or flying a plane and seeing all those squares of large farms made to look like a patchwork quilt, and even better, to see pictures of the Earth from space, whether looking at a certain portion or the whole thing at once.

Looking from space, I see no war, no famine, no hardship, no natural disaster destruction. I might see a lovely large cloud formation that seems to be spinning ever so slowly, but I do not see a hurricane in the way we might see it here. I might see what looks like smoke in one location but I don’t see the fires burning or the volcano spewing ash into the atmosphere.

From here, I see beauty, color, movement, and many spheres in a field of vision all around the sphere I am viewing. I see a collection of things as if they are floating with a lot of space between them, and as far as I can see, I see that in greater, even infinite numbers.

Coming back down to where I live in this physical plane, the value of raising my vibration, standing back from my finite view, I can see with the eyes of love. I can see things differently. It is simply a choice.

We have been trained in our own history, dragging along a collective history of how we act, how and what we judge, how we choose to live and interact with each other. We have loads of rules, millions of laws, lists of right and wrong, while at the same time experiencing joy, love, anger, resentment, praise, punishment. Much of this is at odds, hence, duality.

As I step back, I can see the whole rather than the sides or the separation that we promote with each other, in our religious dogma, our inherited belief systems, and our collective expectations of how we should behave, live, deal with one another.

So, before this gets too long, I’ll bring this to the fact that all of this is a choice. Accepting rules is a choice. Choosing our own rules is a choice. Allowing others to rule is a choice.

In choice–in knowing that we are always in choice–there are no such things as victims. There are no such things as right and wrong. There is only choosing and actions from those choices.

How can we see that everything is love? By choosing to see the love in everything. To accept the belief that love cannot be in everything, but only in the right things, the holy things, the virtuous things is a choice. It is a choice in separation.

How can we see the Divine in ourselves and the other while abhorring their choice? By choosing to see the Divine in ourselves and the other. We don’t have to approve of their behavior, but we must honor their free will to choose, as we use our own to choose.

We become enlightened by rising above the choice of separation, of seeing the duality and choosing sides. We see with a wider vision all of the whole. We can see all the sides. And, we can choose to love all the sides. We always have our discernment, so we don’t need to like everything, but loving everything is a much wider view. It is the view of the whole without any separation.

“I See All Before Me With The Eyes Of Love.” — Paul Selig

Spread Some Joy Today–by rising above and taking a wider view.

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