Daily Inspiration 2-4-13

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“You want to change your world?

Stop being unhappy when things

don’t go your way, and instead,

allow yourself to have joy.”

— Albert K Strong

I live in 49er territory, yet I’m not much of a fan of football, but have been known to watch a playoff game here and there, and the superbowl can be interesting. This one was very interesting, and the 49ers came very close and certainly had the opportunity, but just missed.

Then, at the end of the game, the scene is always the same regardless of which teams were playing. There are the jubilant winners, and the sad, tearful, sullen, disappointed, depressed, angry at themselves, feeling like the losers they are as the losers of the game. I just want to go slap them all and wake their sad faces up. My goodness, you got to go play in the superbowl and here you are acting the fool. Celebrate! Celebrate the other team winning! Celebrate the opportunity!

In a game where there are only losers and winners, someone will lose and someone will win, but what does that really mean? Other than a few dollars difference in pay? It’s time to just celebrate the challenge and opportunity to play the other team and see how it goes. Give it your best and find new amounts of best under your skin, and go have some fun. Whatever happens, is. Leave it there and celebrate each other.

I know that I’m out on a limb here, but it’s so old and it teaches our kids that if they don’t win, they are nothing because winning is everything. How sad that is. I think the 49ers could feel good if they wanted to and hold their head up high. They did great, and so did the Ravens. Champagne all around!

There Is Experience And There Is Experience, And The Rest Is Some Story Some People Made Up.

Spread Some Joy Today–Celebrate your losses as if they were wins. Why the heck not? Life is way too short to be down.

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