Daily Inspiration 2-4-12

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“Mental stress is 100% perception.
It is always self-inflicted.”
— Albert Strong
We’ve all felt uptight, overloaded, grumpy, and generally out of sorts from time to time. Some people experience these things regularly and complain about it all the time. Most people blame others or outside circumstances for their ill feelings and even claim to feel that the world is coming down on them.
The good news and the bad news, depending on where you are at the moment is that there is no such thing as someone putting mental stress on you. You are putting it on yourself completely. It is your reaction to some stimuli and not the stimuli that is the source and that source is within each of us. All so-called stress is just perception, or how we perceive something.
The good news and the bad news is that we all have the same exact 100% control over our perception as we choose to use it, or choose to ignore it. In every case, it is a choice from within ourselves and it is never something that others have any power to do for us.
Since becoming aware of this fact, I am continually reminding myself that if I am feeling uptight, I need to choose different thoughts, and sometimes the best way to do that is to physically do something like go outside, walk around the block, smell the fresh air, or anything pleasant that takes your mind into a mode of appreciation. Find ANYTHING to appreciate, then another, another and keep going until your well being is fully returned.
Just because you are aware, doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have to consciously choose. However, the best news is that you and you alone have that choice.
Once Aware, We Can Never Go Back To The Safety Of Ignorance. For That, I Am Thankful.
Spread Some Joy Today–Joy is not in some thing, or some circumstance. It is also 100% a choice to choose it or let it go.
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