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“God is a circle
of which the center is everywhere
and the circumference is nowhere.”
— Empedocles

[Classic post from 10-21-17]

Good day to you wherever you are!

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been studying the books published by Paul Selig. Of the five that have been published to date, I’ve read each one several times and they are so marked up with notes in the margins, highlights, and sticky notes. With each reading, I am inspired and amazed anew. I will be sharing much more as I move along, and today I wanted to share one of the most important things I’ve learned from this study.

Some will look at this as an affirmation and it is directly from the book:

“I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am here. I am here. I am here.”

It took me some time and repetition to really get this, and here is what I have learned and how I’ve learned to interpret this very powerful statement in my own words.

First, it is not an affirmation, but a statement of truth. They say (from the book) that whenever something is true, it is always true or it is not truth. Truth is not malleable. It is unchanging. The difference between an affirmation and a statement of truth is intent.

Let me take each short sentence and explain my understanding of it from this statement of truth in as short a space as I can.

First, “I know who I am.” I am an aspect of the Divine, God, or whatever word suits your fancy. I am not who I seem to be. I am an aspect of God, and as I am an aspect of God, every other person on this planet is as well. Of all the truths that I have seen in these books, to me, this is the most important. As we allow ourselves to realize who we really are outside of this “self” that we think we are and have been and will be for a time, we learn how to understand ourselves and all others in the world.

Next, “I know what I am.” I am an aspect of the Creator in manifestation. This one took me the longest I think to fully understand, but it was so clear once I got it. I am spirit in a temporary manifestation in a body and with a physical history, and a physical experience. This is not to discount the physical experience, but to fully accept it and appreciate the value of it. At the same time, I realize that each and every person I meet, don’t meet, interact with, or never interact with, we are each and every one, this same thing. We are individualized expressions of the Divine in manifestation.

“I know how I serve.” We all serve in the same way. We serve by being. As we “be,” we serve all others and ourselves through our vibration, through our expression in this physical life and our expression is perfected in our alignment to our knowing of who we are.

“I am here.” This is essentially our name. As we acknowledge ourselves in our Divinity, and in our manifestation, in my case as Terry, and in my service through simply and exquisitely being, I am only very temporarily that called Terry, but my real name is I Am. I am here is the acknowledgment of that. As I recognize the same in another, I can acknowledge that with “you are here.” As I do this I honor the other. The word Namaste is another way of saying this, which is honoring the Divine in me and honoring that same Divine in you.

What is the value of this from a practical, living every day experience of this life? It is this: As we choose, whatever we choose, as we act, however we may choose to act, we have the opportunity to see ourselves and to see all others as they truly are. We have the opportunity to honor their presence regardless of our opinion of how they choose or what they choose for themselves.

You could call it unconditional love and that would suffice perfectly. In unconditional love, there is the understanding that I can love myself and love others without any conditions that they satisfy me in any way. As I honor myself and honor them, we each have the opportunity to align vibrationally in a deeper understanding of All-That-Is.

As we then make our own choices, we do not discount another, put down another, find fault within ourselves. It opens communication in a very real way, even though physical words may not even be spoken.

It is a way to thrive. It is a way to love and accept love. It is a way be “be.” Not to be better, but simply to be, to align with the truth that we are.


Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing who you are, what you are, and how you serve.

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