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“One day I began to realize

that this idea, as simple as it was,

was no fluke, that Transformational

Vocabulary was a reality,

and that by changing our habitual words,

we could literally change

the emotional patterns of our lives.”

— Anthony Robbins

We all use habitual words and phrases and many of them have the result of intensifying a position or emotion. I was thinking the other day about how we do this with common phrases such as, I need ____, or we need _____, or I/we should or ought to _____, I/we must or have to ________,. After hearing any one of those statements come out of our mouths, we might ask this question: Really? Is that true? Do we really need to? Lately, I’ve taken the position verbally that need is a relative term. . .

When I find myself saying these things aloud, I have begun to change them ever so slightly, yet so powerfully by changing only one word. Instead of I need to ______, it becomes, I want to _________. Instead of I or we should, it becomes I choose to ______, or even more powerfully, I will _____. And, even adding more power to that, it becomes, I am ________. It is fascinating how this changes my emotion about a thing from frustrating and fearful to lighthearted and fun.

Try this one I learned from Tony. Next time someone pisses you off and you respond with expletives abound and heightened self-righteousness indignation, try saying this instead: “Oh, poo. I am so tinkled right now. I’m beginning to feel fascinated.” You can instantly see how different you would feel by changing the words you are using to describe what you are feeling. As you make up these new emotional states, they begin to become real and funny, and then you can even make them habitual.

It is interesting so many people think you should be feeling something powerfully negative, and they think you are abnormal to choose something lighthearted and positive. I am underwhelmed by their responses and stimulated to continue to be fascinated and passionate about cleansing my verbal behavior to cause me to be enchanted with life. I love being energized and extraordinary!

Power ON! Have An Explosive And Brilliant Day!

Spread Some Joy Today–Use the power of well-chosen words to charge up your day. Write down many of the common words you use to describe emotions you feel, then purposefully change them to be fun.

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