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“Your imagination is the template, the blueprint.” 
— Bashar 

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[Classic post from 10-16-15]

Continuing from yesterday’s post on a way to use the imagination that I found fascinating and different from much of what I’ve learned over the years.

What stood out for me is in this paragraph from Bashar:

“Your imagination is the template, the blueprint. If you conjure up in your imagination an image–a vision of how you prefer to be–then take whatever situation is going on in your life, hand it to the you you have conjured up and watch how the you in your imagination handles the situation you have given to it. Then copy it. Then you will be that person, and you will have that lifestyle automatically.”

What stood out for me is the line I underlined. I never thought about using my imagination quite that way. I know that Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich used what he called, The Power of the Master Mind, where he mentally assembled people from history that meant something to him as his group of advisers where he felt powerful advice helping him, but that is not quite the same kind of thing.

Consider playing with the idea that it is possible, to imagine to be in the place that you would prefer to be in time and space, and then, to stand outside as an observer, and take problems and issues being experienced today and assign them to that you, that you imagine you want to be. What might that new you do with that issue? How might that be different than how you might be handling it now. How differently that you might even think about it. Interesting.

And, here’s another plus to this: As we would do this, we are in fact living that life as we are imagining how we would deal with those issues from that place that we want to be. Because we are experiencing it at the moment, it is in our experience, we are experiencing it. This means that it isn’t really fake. It is just as real as the other reality.

This gives us a way to get more in tune with what it is that we would prefer and instead of thinking of it as some kind of fantasy, by assigning it tasks it brings it all into the moment and into our now experience.

That may sound weird. If it does, just let it float around a while and it might make more sense.

Regardless, it is our imagination that drives change. Here may be a way to make better use of the imagination toward our preferences.

Activate Your Imagination As A Child Does. Go With It. Experience It. Play With It.

Spread Some Joy Today–and imagine how that joy spreads from one to another.

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