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“I rate enthusiasm 
even above professional skill.”

— Edward Appleton

[Today and for the next few days I’m re-sharing some classic posts that relate to enthusiasm, its meaning and its value in our lives. This post is from 5-30-12]

Enthusiasm is a interesting word–no, not just interesting, but fascinating! I used to think it was like jumping up and down with energy, sort of like when you’ve rested your body really well and had something you wanted to do and you bound out of bed and bound down the road and exude joy in your movement. It can be that, and I’ve felt that, but it isn’t very reliable. In fact, it is hard to come by.

Looking enthusiasm up in the dictionary provides some of the fascination to the word. It’s origin is approximately 1570-80 according to Dictionary.com and means essentially equivalent to God within or inspired by God. It also means absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest. And, to be enthusiastic is to be full of or characterized by enthusiasm.

That’s a bit complicated, but I get the concept. To make it easier, I think it means to be in love with what you do, regardless of what that is; to live alive and on purpose; and to feel the presence of God or the God force or whatever you may choose to call that connection that we all know is within us. Esther Hicks would call it an alignment with all that we have become and who we really are. Eckhart Tolle would call it the power of NOW, or being present now. The great management master, John C Maxwell might call it being in joy. And they would all be right. That wasn’t really making it easier, was it?

Okay, here’s easy: Loving Life This Moment and Loving Your Life This Moment. I like to string moments together and so it can last for days. It has lasted all day today, and yesterday. I might as well keep going. Yet, it’s not about making it last longer, it is just enjoying, or rather, injoying it this moment. Injoying the moment. In the moment.

So, how is that done reliably? By being willing to let go and let God within, by letting go of what was and what may be and only considering what is. Where ever you find yourself, be there. In every single instance that I do this, I am enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm Is An Outward Expression Of InJoy.

Spread Some Joy Today–Injoy your day. You’ll know it when it happens.

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