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“Try not to react merely in the moment. 
Pull back from the situation. 
Take a wider view. 
Compose yourself.” 

— Epictetus 

Yesterday, I received an email from a new client. He had a complaint about some blog posts that went to his facebook pages. He said there were grammar errors and he wanted us to be better than this.

I responded right away that I would look into it immediately and discuss it with his assigned blogger who has a lot of experience in the field this customer serves.

There were some minor errors in grammar and in spelling, mostly from an article that we got from somewhere else. In the past I would react in my mind, and maybe even verbally with my business partner or something. Not now. Something has changed.

I used to justify things, explain reasons and such to try to seemingly make it less our fault, take it personally, and now I accept full and complete responsibility. After all, it was our company who made the posts. But, it isn’t about blame, whether the client is blaming us or we are blaming ourselves. It is more an accepting of our role and focusing on our desire to be as good as we can be and no less.

I talked with the blogger, softened the initial communication from the client, discussed some strategies, and decided on the solutions. The changes were made within a very short time.

I then responded to the client that the corrections had been made, and at the end of the note, I said this: “I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. You have made us a better company by doing so.” And, it is true.

I used to see complaints as blame. I used to see problems as problems. I used to get upset from either, and now I almost get excited instead. I certainly treat them differently than before. I see them as positive things to help me see more clearly, be better at what I and my company does, serve our clients better and more effectively.

At the same time, there are a few people that just want to spread their own version of their unhappy state, and who have learned that complaining is a good way to do this. Well, they don’t bother me at all because I can see what is behind the complaint. These I handle individually and sometimes by just ignoring them.

If a complaint speaks to an issue that requires attention, I love it because we grow. If it comes from an unhappy point of view, I try to sooth them if I can, or I flip it to my younger, calmer, wiser, more politically correct business partner. He’s a master at it. I learn from him every day.

I tell him that I do that because he is really good at dealing with people who are upset. It has been said that I am sometimes, to say it kindly, blunt and to the point. My partner calls that, “doing a Minion on them, or Minionizing them.” Then we laugh. He’s right, of course, and I am getting better. . .

“When Something Happens, The Only Thing In Your Power Is Your Attitude Toward It; You Can Either Accept It Or Resent It.” — Epictetus 

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