Daily Inspiration 2-28-13

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“It’s impossible to consistently behave

in a manner inconsistent

with how we see ourselves.

We can do very few things

in a positive way if we feel

negative about ourselves.”

— Zig Ziglar

In looking through a few quotes tonight, I tripped over this one by Zig Ziglar. It got my attention because of the way it was phrased and how it made me think about my own accomplishments, successes, so-called failures, and my own consistent behaviors over time.

It seems that when I don’t truly believe in my abilities or my positive future due to negative, questioning self-talk, that I can’t seem to get out of my own way. When I am able to believe in myself and the successful outcome of current and future scenarios or events, things generally go well.

I am talking to myself so much and I realize when that talk is going well and when it isn’t. So, when it isn’t going so well, I can step in and shake things up a bit by taking charge and restating things. That helps a great deal.

There was a time when I didn’t step in, but just let the talk go its way. Those were not good times in my life. Having learned that I have the power to pay attention, and the power to step in and change things has made a huge difference.

It all comes down to how we see ourselves and our self-talk is a perfect and clear indicator.

“No Factor Is More Important In People’s Psychological Development And Motivation Than The Value Judgments They Make About Themselves.”

— Nathaniel Branden

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