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“The idea is to face your world
with a child-like fascination. 

Then you will begin to discover 
that a lot more things you take 
for granted as being mundane 
are actually quite a bit more exciting 
than you thought, and you will be able 
to act on them–because you now see 
them for the excitement they are.” 
— Bashar 

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[Classic post from 10-15-15]

I may have read on a subject, or even taught on a subject for a time, and then I read just one more tidbit, and find a leap of understanding simply because the idea or subject was expressed in a unique way that caused me to open up and expand from it.

I was telling my business partner yesterday, that I learn something new every day after he taught me some tricks on my iPhone. I also learned more about computer files which astonished me and more. 

Early this morning, I woke up and decided to get up and was looking for something to write about in this Daily Inspiration. I ran across an idea about using our imagination to picture what we want. I’ve read things like this probably several hundred times in various ways, imagining the way I want to be, creating affirmations, and more. Then, this morning, I read it in a uniquely different way which created a completely new understanding of the idea of using my imagination.

First, I’ve always read, been taught, and agreed with the idea that I decide what I want, then visualize it, hold the picture for a time, and then to do that regularly every day for a short time. Adding affirmations that support that picture is also appropriate. The problem I’ve always had with this is twofold: One, sometimes it is very hard or seems very hard to picture what I think I want, seeing myself in that place of wealth when I’m broke as an example. Two, even after I have successfully visualized that place and done it for a while, it is also very difficult or seems very difficult to be patient in its arrival in reality.

I guess there’s one more problem I’ve had with it. It seems forced. It isn’t real. It’s fake and it feels fake. But, all it takes is a little twist sometimes to have us understand in a better way. Here’s a way that not only makes perfect sense to me but makes it easier and I’m sure more fruitful as a result. This is from Bashar:

“The idea is to act upon your imagination. Here is a very simple mechanism: all of you–this will work for anything and everything. Very simple. Your imagination is the template, the blueprint. If you conjure up in your imagination an image–a vision of how you prefer to be–then take whatever situation is going on in your life, hand it to the you you have conjured up who is representative of the excited person you would prefer to be, and watch how the you in your imagination handles the situation you have given to it. 

Then copy it. You will get the effect that it gets in its excited state of handling all things in that excited way. That’s what your imagination is for: to copy. It gives you the picture, the blueprint, the path, the methodology, the ritual, whatever will work best for you. Create an image and mimic that image. Then you will be that person, and you will have that lifestyle automatically.

That’s what a child does. It sees and it becomes; it sees and it becomes. It does not question whether what it sees is valid. A child knows it is within integrity, so it doesn’t have to stop to question it. It sees and it becomes; it expands and it grows. You can do that; you can play. It is up to you.”

In an effort to keep this shorter, I will continue with this idea tomorrow and let Bashar’s words (all bold, italic, and underline are mine), settle into your consciousness.

The Power Of An Idea Expressed Changes It From Information To Knowledge–A World Of Difference. 

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