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“For though my faith is not yours 
and your faith is not mine, 
if we each are free to light our own flame, 
together we can banish 
some of the darkness of the world.” 

— Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 

There is one thing that I have finally learned well that took most of a lifetime to settle into that now guides my life in assurance. That thing is this: I cannot think for another, and therefore, I cannot change another by anything that I might say or do. 

When it comes to change in human beings, I only and very strictly have the power to change myself because only I can think for myself. No one, regardless of title or authority can think for me. Period. 

One can attempt to change the behavior of another, and there can be what might appear to be success, but it is strictly an illusion. If they change under duress, it is not really change but compliance. 

Whether it is a carrot or a stick, it is still manipulation. In the management game, they call that motivation, but if you’ve been a manager as long as I have, you realized some time back that there is no such thing as motivating another. They may motivate themselves and we may be an influence in one way or another, but if it doesn’t come from within them, there are none of the intended results. 

The carrot always works better, but the thing that works the best is example and the best way to be an example is to operate from the State of Appreciation, and Love. 

If we are each free to light our own flame, and we certainly are–that is part of our natural authority by being alive–we may shine our light and the darkness will flee. As we shine our light, we give permission (though they don’t require any such thing) to all others to relight their inherent flame and shine their light and more darkness flees.

But, here’s the interesting part of that. We are not attacking the darkness. The darkness is simply the absence of light. We are lighting our flames and expressing our true selves guiding not only ourselves on our journey and in our learning, but being of the most assistance we can be to all others we encounter at whatever distance they may be from us physically.

Here is a catalyst to speed this process of accepting and living this example. We call ourselves many things. Someone asks, “who are you?” and we may answer, “I am a sales manager.” Or, “I am a mother of three.” Or, “I am Jennifer Caplan, or Jeff Brown.” Or, “I am the President of the United States.” We claim many titles and names and they change with time, but that is not who we are. 

Who are we? We are a divine part of Source Energy, All-That-Is, God, The Universe, which as you can see also has many names, but that is only so we can communicate our thoughts. We are so much more than we say we are.

As we realize that we all know deep inside this is absolutely true, we allow ourselves to light that flame, shine our light, and give permission via our own example of encouragement and love to become their own beacon of light. It is not darkness that we are after, it is the light, and the light is within us all. 

You ARE The Light. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by basking in the glow of the love of the Universe.

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