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“Tension, in the long run, 
is a more dangerous force 
than any feud known to man.” 

— Criss Jami 

Steven Pressfield said, “Resistance is not a peripheral opponent. Resistance arises from within. It is self-generated and self-perpetuated. Resistance is the enemy within.” He takes it just a step further by saying, “Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.”

When I read these three quotes again, I think they are downers. Yet, when I look around me in the world, I see it is the norm, except for one very huge difference. In the world, things and situations are randomly happening to people and it is the world against them, or at least they see that in others, that it is the world, fate, evil, deranged people, unnatural disasters going on all around us. Now that’s a downer to me!

What is more real for most everyone on the planet is tension. Tension is another word for resistance, or it can also be a way of describing the feeling of resistance. It feels like tension. And, tension is another way of describing how it feels playing tug-o-war, and there are so many levels of tension from just holding on to the rope to pulling with all your might. Generally, regardless of the level of tension, you are feeling negative emotion, and that emotion grows stronger with the degree of tension, from mild irritation to depression and powerlessness.

I’ve had varying degrees of tension throughout my life, as have you. What matters most is how long we hold on to it and how hard we are pulling or resisting. Often they are short encounters and then we’re on to the next sometime later. It’s simply contrast which is part of every life in one way or another. I’ve watched up close and personal how tension can cause all manner of illness, let alone unhappiness. I’ve also felt that within myself.

Today, I still feel tension. I think it is unavoidable. It is all caught up in our thinking. However, the saving grace for me today is that I am aware. I am aware that this tension, resistance, and resulting negative emotion is created inside me and does not come from the outside. It doesn’t attack. I create it–100% of it. That was such a huge step when I got to that place of accepting responsibility for my own pain.

Then, I learned how to deal with it. Since it is inevitable, by my awareness of it and acceptance that I created it, I can learn from it. It is guidance. Talk about taking a lemon and making lemonade–this tension is guiding me to know what I don’t want, what is not serving me, and I have learned that where I focus, the Law of Attraction will bring me more of, so unless I want more of that, the only real solution is to release the tension. Let go of the rope. Let go of the resistance. Relax. Refresh myself. Take a breather. Unwind. Stop taking everything so seriously. Even as I type these lines, I find relief in my chest, a relaxing of my muscles, because typing these thoughts caused tension within me.

So yesterday, I was out walking little Charlie. It was 74 degrees with a very light breeze. It is as perfect a day as I have ever enjoyed. I look at the big blue sky and I feel relief. I look at all the trees and I feel relief. I smell the air and I feel relief. I watch Charlie sniffing and finding a great smell to linger on and I feel relief. It is a four lane city street with a 35 mph speed limit and some people seem in such a hurry that they race by at much higher speeds and I feel tension.

Here I am in the midst of tension and relief at the same time in the same place! I’m fascinated by that. I hear the motors roar through those loud exhaust systems, and I smell the exhaust and it is not the most pleasant smell around. I feel tension. I think about the speed limit and see many driving way past it and I feel tension. Why do I feel tension? Because of what I am thinking about. I know this is the cause. I’ve learned it; although, I pretty much always knew it. So, I change my thought. I think that it is not my issue how fast they want to go. I cannot create in them. They can only create in their own lives. Since I cannot do anything about it physically, I will just let them do as they wish (allow) and continue to enjoy my walk.

I look back at the big sky, the blossoms on the vine, the cement of the sidewalk, the wood of the fence, Charlie sniffing at another great spot, the air flowing over my body, the smell of the air, the chirping of birds, a plane overhead, the sound of tennis balls being whacked and sharp sound of tennis shoes stopping quickly at the health club. I think of these things, taking notice, focusing, and I am back in paradise. With the world of people doing whatever they do without me messing it up for them, or trying to be the right of their wrong, I choose to focus on releasing my tension. I choose. I choose to release my tension. I choose to release my tension. I choose to let go of being the judge. I choose to let go of what I do not want to see. I choose to let go of any and all resistance. I choose relief. I choose letting go of the rope. I choose relief. I choose joy. I choose.

I Choose. . . . Always, Every Time, Without Exception. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeking relief from your own tension moment by moment every day. Other people will call you happy. You know how it’s done.

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