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“You will never change your life

until you change something

you do daily.”

— John C Maxwell

Don’t ya just hate it when people say brilliant things like the quote above? I mean, duh! I get it. But, the hardest part is actually doing it and sticking with it long enough to have a different result. Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow. . .

My clothes don’t fit anymore. I’ve been heavier than I should be according to the charts for a long time, but other than my pudgy belly, the clothes fit okay. But last October, I dove into the Halloween candy and there was so much left over that I couldn’t waste. I was taught to never waste food because of all those starving kids in China and other places. Truth is that I was enjoying the leftover candy so much. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Yum! Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Double yum.

So then there was Thanksgiving and all that glorious food, along with chips and dip and so much more. It’s amazing how far ahead of time the preparation and actual testing of all the foods takes. Same thing with Christmas. The leftovers go on for days. Then, I also love sandwiches with mayo and cheese–big sandwiches with lots of chips.

Enough! I’ve had more than enough. I’ve exceeded my capacity. Many of my clothes barely fit and some don’t at all. Time to change. So, a friend and I started Sunday on a new adventure of unloading the 50+ extra pounds we have so carefully added to our bodies. I procrastinated until Monday morning, but I think I’m on a roll. If two days could be considered any kind of roll.

Nonetheless, I have found some very low calorie things I like and have not exceeded 1200 either day. When I look at what I have eaten in the past two days, I know I had to have been consuming over 3,000 a day on average, with peaks around 5k. I see a new body on the horizon. One that I can feel more comfortable in and especially when that guy in the mirror is looking at me.

As John says, nothing will change until I change something or things I do daily. For years I somehow thought there was a different way, but I’m in now. Thanks, John.

Encouragement Is Always Accepted!

Spread Some Joy Today–Here’s your mantra for the day, courtesy of Abraham: Today, no matter where I’m going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see!

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