Daily Inspiration 2-26-19

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“Caregiving often calls us
to lean into love
we didn’t know possible.” 
— Tia Walker

“When in doubt,
let them have it,
make peace.

When there’s no doubt,
let them have it,
make peace.”
— The Universe,
aka Mike Dooley 

[Classic post from 12-7-17]

I receive a lot of inspiring messages from various people I subscribe to and this morning, I received two that I thought was perfect to share together.

I have some bit of experience in caregiving, and it is all about leaning into love you didn’t know possible.

I have some bit of experience from my practice of giving, letting them have it (not needing to be right or better than), surrender (letting go of the stupid rope!), and making peace which is simply the absence of fear.

The first was a relatively short-lived task, the second is a life-long practice.

Take It As It Comes, And Bless It As It Comes. Therein Lies Joy. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your love to flow. There is no end to it. You will never run dry. You have an infinite supply to give away.

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