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“When there is scarcity, we worry a lot about

our fair share–what goes to him doesn’t go to me.

The harvest becomes fraught with danger and competition.

When we worry more about planting, though,

sharing the harvest gets a lot less complex.

Plant enough seeds and the scarcity eases.

In fact, if you plant enough, you’ll never

have to think twice about harvesting.”

— Seth Godin

Scarcity is always our impression. It’s a judgment call of things seen and the future predicted, and of course, considering all of this creates fear and worry. Knowing this about ourselves, it is easy enough to turn away from that train of thought and choose something else: abundance.

Seth says that we can create abundance by turning from the powerless position of worry, and acting on the idea of abundance by planting, or doing, shipping. Then, when we develop this new way of being into a habit, there is no more reason to worry about the harvest, or the goal, or the outcome. It is a foregone conclusion of abundance.

Whether in my previous profession of the auto business, or as a consultant, or any manager, or employee, I’ve always worked toward partnering with people rather than attempting to compete with them. That in itself is a statement of abundance. Helping each other help ourselves and each other. There is plenty to go around. Rather than compete for a share of the pie, create a larger pie so everyone can increase.

Does it work? Like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and it worked that way from day one. Now, it is something I gravitate to immediately. I have a very long list of successes as a result of this attitude and choice. It is all about abundance, and if for some reason I don’t feel that way from time to time, I know better and can choose to turn away and turn toward abundance again.

Wherever I am, I am planting seeds. I plant so many seeds and so much of that work I don’t earn a dime from, but they are seeds that will sprout and grow and create more and more abundance in so many ways.

Next time you’re thinking about lack, that there isn’t enough of whatever, allow yourself to turn away, seek partners, see to add value, seek to plant seeds and abundance will seek you.

I Don’t Think It Can Be Said Any More Simply or Elegantly As Dr. Wayne Dyer Has Said It: “Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change.”

Spread Some Joy Today–Create some partnerships. Help someone else and let them help you.

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