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“When one door closes, another door opens;
but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door,
that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

— Alexander Graham Bell

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities
and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

— Harry Truman

Seeing doors open and close is too dang easy. I sure would like it to be that easy, but it hasn’t been in my experience. A better, more “real” way of looking at this is to look at how we see problems. Ain’t it the truth, problems are just part of living. They will always be around to mess with us. We can change them from problems to opportunities.

Though I’ve always tried to look at some problems as opportunities, a co-worker taught me to look at every problem as an opportunity. Matter of fact, he didn’t even use the word problem, instead, he always used the word opportunity.

At first, I thought he was just showing off some positive thinking ideas and that it would wear off in no time. It was even hard to believe that he truly meant it as often as he referred to opportunities. As I soon learned, he was committed to this approach and it was just part of the way he dealt with things. Then, it became endearing and then exciting. He showed excitement when there was a problem because to him, that was truly an opportunity. It was an opportunity for the company to shine by how the problem was looked at and dealt with. It was an opportunity to solve an issue rather than perpetuate it. It was an opportunity to attract, rather than repel.

Ten years later, he responds in the same exact manner. He is an inspiration to me with his opportunistic attitude. It also must be contagious, because I find myself beginning to think the same way for much of the time. At the very least, now I find myself thinking of him when I have a problem and that helps me to put my rosy glasses on and look at the problem differently. And, it works.

I’ve always wanted to be an optimist. . .

I Optimize My Optimism Daily By Fine Tuning Problems.

Spread Some Joy Today–Let’s go look for some problems to turn into opportunities today. Should be an easy challenge to find the problems. Just a tad harder to turn them into opportunities, but doable.

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