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“In this moment in time and space, 
you are precisely where 
you intended to be, 
and the Source within you 
is pleased.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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[Classic post from 10-13-15]

What if that statement is true? What if we are exactly where we intended to be in this moment, at this time in our lives? What if everything has worked out perfectly to get us where we are right now? 

What if that resistance that we have experienced so many times was just the right amount of resistance to create the right amount of heat that caused us to want something and make a new choice. What if some of those (or all of those) choices, even though they may not have felt exactly right at the time, actually were not only right for us but perfect?

What if we chose to experience these things prior to being born into this body? Not as fate as in everything scripted ahead of time, but with the full allowing of any choices and turns and twists in any direction, yet a deep-down desire to experience a certain path that is more general than exactly specific? What if we could see that path as not only experiential choices but fulfilling our original desires at the same time?

What if we choose co-creators who come in and out of our experience, bringing both problems and solutions, were chosen with great skill to help us to stay on our chosen path? What if those co-creative experiences benefited everyone involved equally?

From Abraham, Esther Hicks: “When your life presents a situation where a clear new question forms within you, you are moving into new expansion. And even when the answer to your question seems nonexistent, you are still well along the way to personal growth. 

When you stand in the middle of a problem, or even what you may regard as a crisis, you are also moving into new expansion. And even though the solution to your problem feels out of reach to you, that is never the case. 

Whenever any question or problem is coming into focus in your life–an equivalent answer or solution is coming into focus as well. 

As your life continually poses new questions, it also poses new answers–which cause expansion. As your life presents new problems, it also presents new solutions–which cause expansion. 

Because the Source within you is so aware of this process (understanding the certainty of the answers and solutions), every part of your physical exploration is joyously appreciated.” 

What If YOU’RE Totally The Author Of Your Life? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by remembering to write in some joy along the way.

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