Daily Inspiration 2-25-17

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“An awake heart 
is like a sky that pours light.” 

— Hafez 

More and more I am simply in love with life and people and all that I see in my world. This has been growing in me for many years, and there are days that come where I am so wide awake to the joy and exuberance that I feel like I am walking on air. Yesterday was one of those peak days, and as I accumulate the experience of days, I find my practice becomes mastery much like a concert pianist grew from chopsticks.

I was up early for an 80 mile trip to Yuba City CA to see two great clients, and in the process I talked with a number of people I’ve never met, enjoyed every view my eyes could see. I enjoyed many hugs from people I’ve known for a long time and only see once or twice a year. I dearly love and respect all of these fine men and it is such a delight to see them and spend a little time listening to them.

There was an event at the dealership of one of my long time clients and friend, Paul, and the event was a great success. I shot some video with a more recent client down the road. I stopped at a favorite shop to pick up some unique items, and another store too. In these side jaunts, I saw some beautiful people with uniquely colored hair. I complimented one woman who had yellow and green hair with buzz-cut sides with a pony tail and long bangs too. It was so much fun to see, and she loved that I spoke with her.

Later, at the event I complimented a guy on his facial tattoo. He told me the story of what it means and the stages of its completion.

You know, I have to stop here and say that in the past I would laugh at people with tattoos because I thought it was wrong or silly or some other judgmental view. The strange colored hair is quite popular right now and I used to love laughing at those bold enough to go there. But no more. I’ve flipped a U-turn with the Queen Mary so to speak. Now I see it all as expressions of their personality, a way to show more of their personality, or their uniqueness. I didn’t even notice this changed in me until recently.

I had a great day in Yuba City and then came home and stopped briefly at Wal-Mart to get a few things. Here I saw a woman that I only met about a month ago and didn’t recognize at first, but she gave me a delightful hug and, well, I love getting hugs, and especially from beautiful women.

The rest of the evening was equally delightful, so I spent the entire day from early in the morning to the end of the evening loving everyone I saw, loving all of the scenery, the autobiography of Andrew Carnegie audiobook while driving to and from, the wonderful junk food dinner I savored (a very rare treat!). I cannot remember a day I’ve enjoyed as much and so fully, and the best part is that this is expanding in frequency of occurrence. How magical is that?!

It stands true that the more I practice appreciation and love and allow myself to experience the joy of that, the more I find to appreciate and love and experience. Even if I’m not out and about, I seem to find joy wherever I am now–even standing still with my eyes closed.

The Road Diverged And I Took The Road Less Traveled. To See With These New Eyes Is To See Love Everywhere I Look. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sharing your lovely day(s).

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