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“You must learn that nobody can control
everything in the flow of life," said Dart. 
“Control is something we all strive for–but you will find, 
as you become more experienced with magic, 
that you gain more control over yourself 
by releasing your need to control life." 

— A. Grace Martin, Spirit Rider 

[Classic post from 11-12-16]

Last Tuesday’s election is among the most fascinating in U.S. history–at least in my studies.

I have to say that I didn’t vote for the president-elect, and I was aghast at his rhetoric during the campaign, but I also feel similarly about the other party. Negative political messages are sickening to me and thank God, I don’t have cable TV anymore, but that negative stuff often works, just like sales manipulation often works, although, I think it is condescending.

But, as I have thought about this turn of events in the last few days, I am excited, enthusiastic, and I find myself in great anticipation of how life will unfold in the near future.

I could not think of a President in history that had no political experience, or who was not a military leader. To have one upcoming who doesn’t have that experience is quite interesting. He’s not experienced in this job, but he does know how to lead, and as with many of us taking on tasks with which we have no prior experience, we most often rise to the challenge, as I know Trump will. I can hardly wait to watch this unfold.

I watched a short video of the meeting on Thursday of Trump and President Obama. I was surprised to learn that they had never met. How strange it is, and so very real how we can demonize someone that we have never even met. All we know is what we’ve seen in the news, or word of mouth, or through their writings and public accomplishments. It made me laugh and remember one of my top ten quotes of all time by Abraham Lincoln: “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better." I know I can appreciate that wonderful advice and probably I am not alone.

There’s a lot of anguish from what I see online or in the newspaper; albeit, I’m not really giving it any attention. Some are still waging the war I think. Albert K. Strong says, “fighting for and fighting against are two very different things, and yet in one thing they are the same, and that is, struggle, resistance, and fear. Peace contains no struggle. Joy contains no resistance, and love contains no fear."

I am amazed at how I am feeling about this election, and though much that I did vote for did not come to pass, I am joyful, peaceful, and loving toward everyone and everything. I’ve learned that there is a flow of life and we can either flow with it, or struggle, resist and be fearful.

I learned from Abraham, Esther Hicks that life is much like a river flowing, and that we can try as long as we want to go against the current or to swim upstream, push against the tide, but they say, “everything you want is downstream."

I learned from Michael A. Singer, Eckhart Tolle, Buddha, and others that though the mind never stops in its chatter, if we will but let go of our attachment to that and the problems that are created in that chatter, we will rise above and have a more enlightened view.

Though there are many things that I may have disagreed with, the flow of life has demonstrated that it is in charge, and I know that I am in full control of my own choices to flow with that flow of life, or to struggle against it. As I flow with it, I find myself looking for things to appreciate in all of that flowing, and as I appreciate those things and people, I find myself loving all of it.

A few days back, I ended a post with this quote from Brother David Steindl-Rast, which I fully understood as soon as I read his delightfully brief and loving quote: “Joy is the happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens." I find myself joyful as I flow with what life is bringing, and I am in joyful anticipation as I flow with it.

“Change Always Comes Bearing Gifts." — Price Pritchett

Spread Some Joy Today–by flowing with life. There is joy in the flow because everything we want is downstream.

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