Daily Inspiration 2-25-14

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“The deepest secret is that life 
 is not a process of discovery, 
 but a process of creation. 
You are not discovering yourself, 
but creating yourself anew. 

 Seek, therefore, 
not to find out Who You Are, 
but seek to determine 
Who You Want to Be.” 

 — Neale Donald Walsch 

I’ve heard myself and other people ask questions, such as, “what am I supposed to do?” or “Who am I supposed to be?” or “What is God’s Will for me?” or “I was born for something. What is it that is meant for me to accomplish?” and other such things. Sometimes we might think that everyone is perfect for something and then we feel that we haven’t found it yet, and don’t know what to do in order to find out.

I have come to agree with Neale in that I have found it works best for me to consider myself a creator and to create what I want next. There was a time when I did that and might have been disappointed in the results of how it came about, yet now I know that it all has worked out so perfectly and it is easy to see that from my 20/20 hindsight of today.

As a result, I have reinvented myself many times over. I love watching others be even more creative with their choices too. My step-son, Guy, is a world-traveling adventure seeker, filling his passport with stamps from so many places I would never even think of going. He is thrilled about finding out and talking with the locals and learning and doing strange and different things. I so admire him for that. At the same time, he’s a father and husband and they have worked out among the family how to make all that work. I’m impressed with their creativity, flexibility, and love of life.

It is amazing what we can create when we simply decide that we have the capacity and desire to do so. There are so many things to sample. No one need stay any longer than they choose, and can go back anytime as well.

How’s Your Creation Going? 

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow others to be what they will and think what they might without any insistence that they need to please you in any way. The joy of creation.

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