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“Building attitude insight and awareness are the
first steps in building a positive attitude. But most
people take the words “positive attitude” for granted.”
— Jeffrey Gitomer
If you’ve never read a Jeffrey Gitomer book, I strongly recommend getting one today and that should automatically lead to two and so on and so on. He has quite a wonderful collection and they are among my favorite books in my library. His books are small in size and large in character. The quote above comes from one of his leading books, The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.
In Chapter One, page 38, he has a questionnaire that is fun to do and very telling. If fact, you don’t have to wait to the end to see how you’re doing because it becomes obvious as you go. One of the questions really stood out for me. He asks, “How many hours of positive attitude training did you get. . . in grade school. . . in high school. . . In college. . . at work?” Next to each, Jeffrey has a blank so you can fill in the hours and next to the blank is a circle that says “none.”
I know from my experience that when it came to personal attitude training in grade school, it amounted to how to fit in or conform to normal behavior, and simple courtesy, but that was about it. In high school, it would be none, in college, none, and at work it would have been none at many places I worked, but when I got into sales, having a positive attitude was in the training, but even then it was minor on the list of sales skills.
At the very beginning of the book, Jeffrey says that, “Positive attitude is defined as the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. The definition for a negative attitude is exactly the same. This book is dedicated to the way you think.”
“A YES! Attitude is the difference between saying “I’m Sorry,” And Saying “Thank You!” — Jeffrey Gitomer
Spread Some Joy Today–“Your smile is one of the greatest attributes and assets you can possess–and its’ free. All you have to do is use it every minute of every day.” — Jeffrey Gitomer
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