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“A genuine leader is not a searcher
for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr
This I know from long experience: Line 10 people up and ask them what should be done, and the variety of answers will be astounding. This phenomenon is what caused the use of committees so that small groups could meet for extended periods to try to agree on what to do, then report to the decision maker their findings. This frustration led to Blue Ribbon Committees because the standard committees weren’t getting the job done. Now, of course, there is facebook.
Our company is growing very rapidly of late and no matter how large it gets and I am involved, it will never be run on the idea of seeking consensus. I may seek and opinion to help clarify my thinking, but make a decision and move on.
I’ve worked for people who seemed to take forever to make decisions. They wanted to study the issue, analyze the information, test the theories, adjust the assumptions, rationalize the data, whittle the time, create the charts and assign the blame. I would think, ‘come on, let’s just DO IT!’ The response was always that of a seasoned politician.
How do you get a committee to make a decision? By giving someone on the committee the power to decide. Procrastination and lack of decision is effectively a decision of inaction.
We often do this with personal decisions. Now, of course, there is facebook.
Part Of My Power Is That Of Decision.
Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of what others think or say, and being joyous by your own decision.
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