Daily Inspiration 2-24-11

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“I am more important than my problems."
— Jose Ferrer
“I am bigger than anything that can happen to me."
— Charles F Lummis
If you’re in a situation where you have a lot of problems or have been in one in the past, you’ll probably agree that it is so easy to begin thinking that you and your problems are inseparable, especially if the problems were around for any length of time. Some might even start thinking of themselves as having failed, beating themselves up about the existence of the problems, and so on.
We are all bigger than any problems that we may ever have. We are of value and we are worthy and we need to value ourselves in that light. If you ever start feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, and such, try this:
1. Lighten up. Start laughing at your problems instead of looking at them seriously. Change the mood by changing your attitude about your problems.
2. Take a break. Focus on something else and let go of thinking about or looking at your problems.
3. When you’re feeling good again, and while you’re feeling good, seek the inspiration of ways to deal with them. When inspiration comes, act on it.
4. Develop a thankful heart. Start looking for things to praise about the situation instead of going over and over the problem.
5. Repeat.
Nowhere in that are we focusing on the problem. Heck, if we did this long enough, the problems may evaporate on their own…
We Make Such BIG Deals About Every LITTLE Thing.
Spread Some Joy Today–be joyous. It will spread like wildfire.
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