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“Life gives all to all, 
but we receive 
what we are willing 
to let in.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 10-11-15]

Yesterday, I wrote about practicing sending thoughts to others, especially strangers. After I wrote and sent it out, it occurred to me that what I am doing is an affirmation.

Affirmation is an interesting thing. I’ve heard several people make fun of them, thinking they are silly and delusional. But here’s the best thing I could say about an affirmation: a belief is simply a thought we continue to think and so to help change a belief, which is a strong thing, we need to chip away at it with a new thought that is repeated over and over until that thought becomes our new belief.

It is our own resistance that blocks anything that we want. As Alan Cohen said, “Life gives all to all, but we receive what we are willing to let in.” In this light, affirmations can be so powerful in our lives. To affirm is to “state or assert positively; maintain as true.” Want a new truth? Affirm it until you believe it.

Most often, affirmations are thought of as something we only use on ourselves to help us change our thinking or beliefs. Why not then, as in yesterday’s post, would we not want the same thing for others, and thereby offer affirmations to them.

I think that we may be more used to seeing others and finding fault. I don’t necessarily mean that we do that on purpose as in being mean or conceited, but it seems that finding fault is so easy because our own ego is so good at it. By taking charge and wanting to change that, finding the positive things in others is a wonderful way to start and as I said yesterday, the better benefit may be how it causes us to feel about ourselves.

Want to change something in your life about you? Choose some affirming thoughts and write them down and repeat them throughout your day. It seems silly at first because we are so used to opening our eyes and seeing what we see and the affirmation is probably saying something that is not currently seen. In other words, it is in the face of reality. But, give yourself a break. Allow it to soften that resistance day by day, the way water carves its way through a canyon.

Want to change how you see others and the world? Choose some affirming thoughts and uplifting thoughts about others and speak them silently to everyone you come in contact with or come close enough to see. Finding the positives in others is a great way to expand your view of others and finding the positives in your environment is a great way to expand your view of the world around you.

Instead of saying, “seeing is believing,” consider, “believe it and you will see it.” Beliefs are so powerful in our lives and those that we have could be holding us where we are when we desire to be somewhere else. Changing the belief is a process of creating a new belief, and since a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, we can make some serious inroads with the use of affirmation and affirming our new desired belief.

Time To Get Some Silliness Going? It Will Pass Soon Enough. Here’s A Toast To Your New Beliefs: Congratulations! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by affirming your joy and releasing it to others. You have an unending supply.

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