Daily Inspiration 2-23-17

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“You cannot be less than you are now. 
You cannot achieve a vibration 
that is less than the vibration 
that you have achieved.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

The knowledge that we have accumulated is where we are now. We can move forward accumulating more knowledge and experience, but it doesn’t leak out standing still, nor is it like a tire that has a small leak in it where it has to be refilled in order to stay at the proper pressure. So, the good news–and I think it is really good news to get excited about–is that we cannot go backward, or become less somehow than what we have attained in our learning and growth.

But, though we are always moving and cannot remain still, we can stay on the same plane as we choose to do so.

While more growth, expansion and higher and higher vibration is always available to us as we choose it, sometimes we may decide to let go of the enthusiasm that is born in saying yes to that journey, by giving our attention to where we are and what is in our current field.

I like the example where once I am no longer ignorant of how fear tends to capture my attention, and those of the world around me, I cannot unknow or unlearn it. I certainly can pay attention to the fear spoken, written, and viewed, and in that attention, I see it grow in my experience.

Yes, I can stay on the plane I am on at the moment. But, no matter that I am distracted, I can no longer blame others for my attention in that way. I now must know that I know that I know. Yes, I know that what I give my attention to grows, and I know as I focus on fear-based propaganda I am encouraging more fear. And, I also know that I am in charge of my focus and no one else. It isn’t the news. It isn’t the video. It isn’t the comments on Facebook or other social media. It is me. I am allowing–even more powerfully, I am choosing to give my attention to this.

At the same time, I know that I have all the power to turn my focus elsewhere and have a different view, experience and result.

I Am In My Knowing. I Am In My Choosing. I Am In Control. All Ways. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing joy over fear. Or not. It is up to each of us as we see fit.

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