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“The first principle of success is desire–knowing
what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed.”
— Robert Collier
“One of the secrets of success
is ideas mixed with inspiration.”
— Jim Rohn
Success is a very shiny, brilliant word that a lot of people have trouble grasping. To many it is this illusive goal, and to many more it is something they want but aren’t sure they are capable or worthy or whatever. Some think you have to do something a very long time and become an expert at it to be called a success, maybe even a lifetime. The best that I can say about what I now know about the word is that it is something that each of us must define for ourselves.
I had a realization this evening at age 62: I am a success. I’ve always wanted to say that–and mean it, and now I just did. I used to think that success was always in front of me and some of it is, but I’ve succeeded all my life and never really recognized it as that until now. In fact, I’ve been a success all my life.
I’m not a fan of rules, so I try to break them whenever possible. When it comes to a fancy definition of success, I prefer it to be this simple: To have a desire and to act on it. Pretty simple and it is that easy to be a success.
Here are some of my successes (not in any particular order) that I now look on and celebrate:
When I was a teenager, I wanted to play the guitar, so I learned how to play the guitar and I’ve played it off and on all of my life. I wanted to play music and sing on stage and I’ve done that. I wanted to learn how to play bass guitar and did that. I wanted to play in a band as a musician and I’ve done that too. I didn’t do all these when I was a teenager, but at different times in my life.
I wanted to become a writer and became one. I wanted to write a book and I’ve written two. I wanted to become a teacher and I’ve been one since 1975 in one way or another. I wanted to become a business manager and have done that most of my life.
I wanted to be a songwriter, so I learned how to write them and wrote almost 200. I wanted to record music and I learned how to do that and I owned a recording studio. I wanted to learn how to run sound for music groups and I did that. I wanted to do a songwriting class to teach songwriting and did that.
This is fun!
I wanted to own my own business. I’ve done that several times. I wanted to make a good deal of money and have done that. I wanted to get involved in the Internet and have done that. I wanted to inspire and encourage people and I am still doing that. I wanted a large personal library and I own thousands of books. I wanted to own a bookstore and did that too. I wanted to have an eBay business and did that. I wanted over 10,000 feedback score on eBay and I am at 11,300. I wanted to own lots of guitars and have done that. I wanted to own a musical instrument store and have done that. I wanted to get involved in commercial trucks and I do a lot of that. I wanted to be a leader and I am.
Well, I could go on! I am really enjoying the idea of being a success, and I suppose the best reason to do this is to share how much of a success each of you who might read this are. If you’ve had a desire for something–whatever it may be–and have expressed the courage to act on it and do it, you have succeeded in my eyes. And, better that this is the idea that you can succeed over and over and over and over again throughout your life. I know that I am not slowing down at all, and perhaps am more motivated than I’ve ever been in my entire life. So there is much to look forward to while we enjoy each experience and each success.
I am a success. Say it! I am a success! Louder! I AM A SUCCESS!
Spread Some Joy Today–Life is experience. To enjoy and be in joy in your life experience is your own choice and your own legacy.
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