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“When a tree falls in a forest 
and no one is around, 
does it make a sound?” 
— Common philosophical question 

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[Classic post from 10-9-15]

Yesterday, I was preparing and packing up to go to an event. As I opened up the little door on my extended cab pickup, underneath some grocery store cloth bags I found an unopened, unread newspaper. It was a thick one, so it must have been from a Wednesday or Sunday. So, I thought. . . what did I miss that day? Should I bother to find out? Do I think that in general what was inside this unopened paper would be any different than all the ones I have opened? Hmm.

Could what I had missed have changed my life had I seen it? I haven’t got a clue. But, here’s a great follow up question: Is that even important? If life essentially experiences and I do believe that it is, then if I didn’t experience it, does it even matter?

I was talking briefly yesterday with a friend who is a Daily Inspiration reader. Someone else was walking by and I said that they are a DI reader and have been for a very long time. She said that she is so busy that she misses looking at a number of them. I said many people have told me that they don’t read them all, but the ones that they do read seem to be speaking directly to them. She agreed with that.

This brings me to my Abraham, Esther Hicks Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar that I love. For October 7th, here is the short message:

“We want to encourage you to give more of your attention to what makes you feel good–not something so radical that you must control every thought–just make a decision that you will look for what you want to see. It is not a difficult decision to make, but it can make a big difference in what you bring into your experience.” 

What an interesting idea: decide to look for what you want to see. I think we often may want to see what we would like to see, but don’t think we have the power to have that happen on purpose, but we do. It is as easy as a simple decision to do so. Or, to not decide and let things happen as they will.

So where am I going with all this? Does what you miss matter? You’ll have to decide that one for yourself. How will it feel to you if what you did miss mattered? How will you know you missed it? I guess you could get all kinds of upset about what goes on when you’re not around. All that stuff on the other side of the world, or the other side of town, or in the other room.

Personally, I think it doesn’t matter one dinky little bit. Regarding the tree in the forest question, if the tree hitting the ground does make a sound, if you couldn’t hear it, would it even matter to you? Does it matter if it made a sound or not? Does what I perceive that I missed, indicate that I am lacking in something I should have had?

How about this: Look for what you want to see. Hear what you would like to hear. Enjoy what you would like to enjoy. Love who you would like to love. Be who you would like to be. Allow yourself the experience that you experience or that you choose to experience, and the rest is up to all those others that we share this wonderful planet with to do whatever they choose for themselves.


Spread Some Joy Today–Say it with me: TODAY, I choose to feel and share joy.

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