Daily Inspiration 2-21-15

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“Experiment to discover 
how little you need.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Good day to you! I expect that most people would look at the quote above and think about money or things, or possessions. I know for sure that looking at it with those eyes, it is as accurate as it can be. We can all do fine with less money, and less things. Sometimes we may paint ourselves into a corner so to speak with debt or setting a level of our needs where going below that is unthinkable to us, but they are not really needs. In reality, we need very little.

I could talk about discovering how little I have come to need from the perspective of money and things; however, this quote struck a different chord in me. To me it is giving everyone permission to do, to become, to rise.

Let’s say that you want to own your own business. How much do you really need to get started? How much do you really need to stay in business and grow? I can answer this in one word: desire. If you want to do it, you can do it. Desire has the capacity to get you started, and it also has the capacity to keep you going providing you keep your focus on the desire, or wanting, and avoid entirely any doubts, negative input from others or within yourself. How do I know this? I have lived it, experienced it, and am still at it having the time of my life.

How about a sales person? How much do they need? Not so much. Although, just as going into business, they must have desire. Strong desire helps. In sales, we might talk to a number of people and the majority that day, or even all of them that day, may say no. They don’t want or need your products or services. If that sales person will focus on the desire, rather than the reality of today’s results and feeling poorly about them, tomorrow can be an even brighter day, because in the process of experimenting and discovering, we learn and grow if we will only look upon the days activities in that way. This makes us better, smarter, more sensitive for tomorrow.

How about a young person starting out in the working world. We come again to the one word: desire. Do I want to do this? Do I really want to do this? Or, do I feel that I should do this, or someone else thinks I should do this, or need to do this? Experiment and discover how little you need. You don’t need much to get started, but you need desire. Without it, you are poor and helpless at the moment. You can change anytime you want, then go again.

I think that a great way to look at all of these scenarios and many more is to think like you’re going into business; to think like an entrepreneur; like a manager of yourself in charge of all of your own creations. You don’t need much to create. Even a lack of desire creates. The question is not even what is created, but whether that is okay with you or not. In other words, how you feel about it. Do you feel good? Then you’re spot on and ready for more growth and discovery. Feel not so good, or maybe even angry? Then, you are creating more of what you already have.

There is no standing still. Change is happening all the time. We are either changing into something different, or we are changing into more of the same. We are changing for the better or for the status quo. We can tell by how we feel if we are paying attention to our own internal guidance system.

How much do you need to reach out? How much do you need to stay in love? How much do you need to have a happy life? How much do you need to fully enjoy today? How much do you need to dream? How much do you really need? Not so much.

Desire Is A Little Thing That Rules The Entire World, Or Rather, Each Of Our Entire Worlds. We Each Create Our Own. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sending someone some love and joyful thoughts. By text, email, card, billboard. The method matters little. It is the message and even more important, it is the thought. You could even just have the thought and not let them know in any other way, and even with that, you will make a difference to them.

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