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“What would your life be like if you could take all the
negative emotions you ever felt and lower their intensity
so they didn’t impact you as powerfully, so you were
always in charge?”
What would your life be like if you could take the most
positive emotions and intensify them, thereby taking
your life to a higher level?”
— Anthony Robbins
When I first read Tony Robbin’s book, Awaken the Giant Within, I made notes and put post-it notes to easily see places that really helped me. The most post-its are in Chapter 9, The Vocabulary of Ultimate Success. It has been so powerful for me that I have come back to these pages so many times to remind myself that I have the power to change and one of those powers is my choice of words that I use with others, or say out of my mouth, on paper and electronically, as well as the choices I make in my self-talk, which is infinitely more important overall.
The two quotes above are two of the best questions for us to ask ourselves because sometimes we feel a certain way that can be counterproductive and even make us ill. At the same time, we can feel those joyous feelings of love, enthusiasm, joy, elation and we can have more of that if we choose to change some of the words we have come to habitually use.
On pages 226 through 231, Tony has some lists of emotions and action words that are commonly used and what they might be changed to in order to lessen the negative feeling or enhance the positive. All we need do is pick a few and begin changing for the better today.
Here’s just a few that he suggests about common negative emotions:
Change I’m feeling anxious to I’m feeling expectant; I’m feeling exhausted to I’m recharging; I’m feeling frustrated to I’m feeling fascinated; I’m angry to I’m disenchanted; from being disgusted to surprised; from overwhelmed to in demand, or overwhelmed to maximized; from sad to sorting my thoughts; from stressed to blessed; from irritated to stimulated; from impatient to anticipating.
To bump up the positive feeling, here are some he suggests:
Change a good word into a great word, like going from being attractive to being gorgeous; from confident to unstoppable; from excited to outrageous; from feeling good to feeling vibrant; from being happy to being jazzed; from loving to passionate; from motivated to compelled; from moving forward to moving at warp speed; from okay to perfect! and from feeling pretty good (a common answer to how are you today?) to coolamundo.
Buy the book and get the lists and make use of the great changes in perspective that these word changes offer, and make your own list as well. I try to change them up at will. One of the most common ways is when people politely say how are you? I used to say, ‘I’m good,’ and now I might say ‘off the chart!’ or ‘it’s crazy how good it is!’ Or, they ask ‘how was your weekend?’ and I might say, ‘incredible!’ or ‘I love Mondays!’ or one of my favorites, ‘every day is perfect for me now.’
When I first began, I didn’t really feel the way the new word or phrase indicated; however, and I think you will find the same thing–the more I did that, the more I actually felt that way, even if it was right then.
Try changing some of your old, worn-out vocabulary and watch your life change!
A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–Begin today to respond differently to questions. People will begin to see joy walking into the room surrounded by your body.
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