Daily Inspiration 2-21-11

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“Any person who contributes to
prosperity must prosper in turn."
— Earl Nightingale
I do believe that this is true. By contributing to prosperity, we must prosper. So, I find that I am continually looking at what more value I can be, how I can give more service for the money, how I can enhance someone else’s day, or life, or career. There are millions of ways to contribute to prosperity.
We find ourselves thinking the word prosperity is all about financial well-being, but that is just one definition for prosperity. To be prosperous is to feel good, to be fortunate, and there are many ways to offer that to others and thereby prosper ourselves in kind.
It is the smallest things that seem to touch us greatly. A gentle touch, a loving look, a word of encouragement, a prospect that may help them with a sale, promoting them with no direct benefit to us, introducing them to friends, calling out of the blue with kind words, sending a note of caring, giving love, being kind, being thoughtful, and millions of other ways. All of these contribute to prosperity and in all of them, we in turn prosper.
Of course, there are many ways to add to prosperity that relate directly to money, and if we think about it, they are oh so familiar as the ones that don’t relate directly to money. Hmmm. . . .
“Getters Don’t Get–Givers Get." — Eugene Benge
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