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“Ask yourself two questions: 
One, how do I feel now? 
Two, how will I feel when? 

When there’s no difference, 
you are there!” 
— Albert K. Strong 

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[Classic post from 10-7-15]

It has been said by Abraham, Esther Hicks that everything that we want, we want only because, in the having, we think we will feel better. Of course, they suggest that the shortcut to that is simply to choose to feel better now. Feel it now. Feel how it feels now. Experience it now. Do it now. Be there now.

It’s been said that our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined thing and the thing itself. In fact, that has been proven time and again.

One of my early favorite mentors was Frank Bettger, who made this phrase famous: “To become enthusiastic, act enthusiastically.” He didn’t just make that up but learned it by actually doing it. It has also been said by many that to become this or that, act as if. That’s a perfect phrase right there: Act as if.

It takes no physical effort but is a mental change. How do you measure effort mentally? Is it really hard to think of a different thought? Does it actually make us break a sweat? Nah. It’s effortless. It is not directionless, but it is effortless. We’re thinking nonstop anyway, so all we need do is mentally step in and change the direction of those thoughts, or at least some of them.

Not feeling loved? Begin feeling loved. You’ve felt it before. Re-member it. Re-think it. Feel it. Experience it in your mind. That’s where you always felt it in the past when you felt loved. It was in your head then, and it is in your head now. Choose it. I feel loved. I am surrounded by loving people who love me, and I, them.

Feeling broke? Begin to feel like there is plenty of money. When you had plenty of money at some point in the past, it wasn’t the money, but the feeling that you had plenty of money and how having plenty of money caused you to feel. So, imagine that feeling again. Stay with it. Roll around in it. Feel the feeling of it. It was in your head then, and it is still in your head. Re-member it. Choose it. I feel well off. I feel like I have all the money I need. I so enjoy feeling that feeling of everything being okay about money.

Don’t have a loving relationship? You’ve had them before. At least one. How did that feel? Feel it again. Choose it. Re-member it. It was in your head then (or in romantic terms, substitute the heart for the head if you like), and it is still there. Feel it again. Roll around in it. Pour it over you. Bathe in it. Snuggle up to it and with it. Gaze on it with starry eyes and melting heart. Allow yourself the pleasure of it and relish the feeling of it right now, this minute, this moment.

Stuck in the wrong job? At some point, you had a job that did feel good. The difference is in your head. Instead of thinking about how much you hate this now and that you feel that you have to keep doing it because of the financial aspects, choose to feel how it feels to be doing your favorite thing, fully enjoying every moment of the experience and how lucky you are to get paid for doing such. You know the feeling. You’ve felt it before somewhere so you can re-member it. Or, if you’ve never had a job that felt good, you can think up a new one and imagine it.

Either way, the feeling is the real thing. It is the feeling that you have that is bringing you down, or it is the feeling that you are feeling that will bring you up. If you’re feeling down, push the ‘up’ button and choose a different thought, which will create a different feeling.

And, here’s the really interesting part. When we feel like we’re stuck in an unhappy marriage, terrible job, being broke, not being loved, or whatever situation that is not feeling so good, we will remain there indefinitely when we continue to choose those thoughts and have those feelings. It isn’t the thing. It is the feeling. Keep on means keeping what you’ve got.

However–and this is even more interesting: By thinking the thoughts that cause you to feel good, whether remembering things from the past or imagining things never before experienced, the things and situations around you will begin to change before your eyes. In fact, it is pretty much the only way things will change. When you change your thoughts, your feelings respond accordingly and cause the change of the things, people and situations in your life.

This brings even more power to this phrase by Abraham, Esther Hicks: “There is nothing more important than feeling good.”

As I Feel, So It Is. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling for your joy. It’s in there. Re-member it.

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