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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

— Albert Einstein

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”

— Napoleon Hill

My first and most important advice to a young person is to get excited about learning and to become a life long student. There are so many rewards for this philosophy. Based on my own experience in school, I think that a lot of students come to dislike learning because of the way some things are taught and the limited environment. I found school in my later years to be boring and slow. Even college was mostly boring. Yet, there is so much excitement in learning available if one can find that avenue. That avenue is following what interests you and following it until it doesn’t interest you anymore and then finding another or several others that do.

I totally agree with Einstein’s quote above. Keep learning every day. And I love the comparison of Napoleon Hill’s quote in that action is the real measure of intelligence. I think that is fascinating and I also believe it to be true. Knowledge is not gathered for the sake of knowledge, it is gathered to do something with it, otherwise it is kind of a waste of time and energy. To do or not to do (with what you learn), that is the question.

The best combination is to put to work what one learns right away. It ensures that the knowledge will have some staying power as well. More importantly, it ensures that progress is made–or at the very least–practice is experienced. Knowledge plus action equals results. Better knowledge, plus better action, equals better results.

I buy a lot of books and usually have several open at one time. If the book keeps me interested, I keep reading. If it doesn’t keep me interested, it goes in the pile of “some other time.” Sometimes a book doesn’t interest me today, but a year and a half later, I’m very interested. The key for me and my advice is to keep finding new books to get excited about. I am amazed at what I learn every day.

Get excited about learning. Learn something new every day.

I Am A Life-Long Learner And I Act On What I Know.

Spread Some Joy Today–Stop at the bookstore today and buy something new and interesting to read. It will get the juices flowing again. Or, try an audiobook. I love audiobooks. Didn’t you alway like it when Mom or Dad read to you? Same thing.

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