Daily Inspiration 2-2-17

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“Not one single atom opposes us.” 

— Zen Master Hongzhi 

I believe this axiom, and that any pressure we may think we feel is from within, not without, and created exclusively by us for our own purposes. Whether it is a reaction or response to a stimuli, or a creative fantasy, it is all created by us.

But, generally, this is very hard to accept.

It takes a willingness, an opening of the mind to a new point of view, all the way to accepting full responsibility and release of blame.

But, generally, this is very hard to accept.

It takes a decision to never, ever complain again. If something is happening and we are not liking it for whatever reason, we do not complain of it, we learn from it what it is that we do want, and then we turn our focus there. We do not revisit again and again that which doesn’t feel good to us. Instead, we choose to feel good, and any contrast to that is accepted fully as guidance toward feeling good, being in enjoyment of our lives and all that it contains.

But, generally, this is very hard to accept.

The information is there to learn from. It has always been there. We allow it or we do not, but it is always there. Here’s a quote from the Emerald Tablet, circa 3,000 B.C.: “As above, so below. As within, so without.” The information has been here forever, and we draw it as we are ready.

No one can make us ready. That creates resistance. That is pushing against that which does not want to move. It is ineffective at best, and totally worthless at its worst. So some share openly and those who are thirsty will drink and those who are not will pass by. So be it. Everyone comes of their own free will and desire, or it would be of no value.

We create our own reality out of our collected reality.

But, generally, this is very hard to accept.

Until we are ready.

Then, this releases a flow that will astound and amaze.

We Choose As We Will.

Spread Some Joy Today–as you choose to see and experience joy.

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